Our company GRECAR IDEA S.L.

We are dedicated to the manufacture and distribution of plaids - sofa covers made in knitwear since 2003.

We have always opted for manufacturing in proximity to ensure the quality of our product and great agility in the service of the orders.

We are located in Igualada (Barcelona), a city with a long textile tradition, especially in the knitwear sector.

Our product

We have specialized exclusively in sofa covers manufactured in knitwear.

Its main features are the comfort, adaptability and immobility once placed on the sofa.

We guarantee the good result and its easy care. They can be washed and dried by machine. They do not need iron.

With this video you will get an idea of how they are and how we do them.

Color range

We have selected a wide range of colors with the idea that in our collection you always find a suitable color to incorporate into your project.

In addition, thanks to our knitting technique, we have developed a range of two-tone colors that make our collection unique.

The plain color is made of 100% cotton and in the other colors we mix 50% acrylic to achieve a greater solidity in the dyeing. Thus we achieve a greater durability of our product.

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